Large-scale production

"Technology leads the future, professional creation is unlimited." As a professional manufacturer of centrifuges at home and abroad, Yongda Machinery has been committed to the continuous improvement of product quality since the birth of the company. Quality management, constantly updating and improving manufacturing equipment and technology to ensure that customers are assured of quality.
The company now has more than 200 sets (sets) of various general (dedicated) manufacturing equipment, and strictly implements international quality standard systems and industry standard requirements in production. From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of products, each link uses scientific and advanced Technical measures to strictly control the manufacturing quality of products.


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GK series horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifugeGKF series clean horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifugeGKC series wall-mounted clean aseptic scraper unloading automatic centrifugeGKH series siphon horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifugeHR series horizontal double-stage piston pusher automatic centrifuge

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