Structure and Features:
1.It has applied PLC program control. (PLC & touchscreen are both optional parts), programmable setting, automatic operation without operator attention, computer-ized, convenient operation and repairs.
2.Flectric- hydraulic automatic control monitors thewhole processing from feeding to first filtration, cleaning, Intensive filtration and discharging.
3.Independent electric control panel can controlremotely.
4.Safety protection: rotation rate detection, vibration protection [optional part), protection when opening the lid(optional part), coptional overload and overheat protection for the motor, dual control with both mechanical and electrical for scraper.
5.Welded machine case, strong and rationally design structure.
6.Integrated motor with machine occupies smai space and makes convenience for installation and operation.
7.Leak-proof structure with silicone rubber or fluoro-elastomers seals.
8.Independent hydraulic system can be installed separately, convenient to repair.
9.Hydraulic coupling for transmission of power the model above, smooth startup well protects motor not to damage from overload, and simplifies routine maintenance.
10.Equips with shock absorption device and rubber shock absorption base helping the machine running stably, reducing vibration and noise, improving working environ-ment, reducing the impact arising from the vibration on the machines and environment.
11.Scroll materials conveyor . For the poor mobility materials, it is effective.
12.The components directly contact the separating materials are made from stainless steel, highly improves the anti-corrosion performance and meets the hygiene standards.
13. Horizontal siphon centrifuges applies siphon improving the production efficiency by more than 50% compared to GK series [same bowl diameter), however, can make lower moisture solids cakes.
14.Siphon type peeler centrifuge is allocated with counter-flush device [optional part), which may counter flush remaining filter cake kept in the rotary drum, so that the filter cloth can be used again.

Working principle:
Except the driving force owned by the other common scraper discharge centnfuges, horizontal siphon scraper centrifuge also has a kind of siphon draught similar to vacuum pipe.
When the centrifuge is of no load, the kickback pipe feeds the liquid to siphon chamber and the liquid is to the clearance through the via hole through the drum of siphon chamber. Once the air of siphon pipe is eliminated, a layer of liquid forms on the filtering media, so as to make the feeding uniform. Then feeding starts, the siphon pipe rotates to a certain place and it turns to a lower position a certain period later. After the feeding finishes, the siphon pipe turns to the lowest place (Max. diameter place of siphon chamber). After the suspension liquid comes into the drum, solid particles are left on the filtering cloth while the liquid goes through the filtering cloth and filtering internal drum and are collected at the clearance of internal and external drum, then it flows into the siphon chamber through drum and via hole. Next, the liquid will be draught by siphon pipe and the deposited solid will be dried and be scraped by scraper which pushed by siphon. And then the solid comes out through bucket. After discharging finishes, clean the mesh. The siphon scraper centrifuge not only washes the filtering cloth in the drum, but also the kickback pipe can feed the water to siphon chamber and control the upper and lower rotation of siphon pipe, thus the liquid can wash the filtering mesh in a pulse type through the internal drum. The washing duration and times are decided by material characteristic and after the washing is finished, carry out the next circulative working cycle.

Product Drawing :

Machine weight:

Drum Diameter 800 1000 1250 1600
Height 400 550 630 800
Effective volume 95 208 370 650
Pack material limited heavy 135 312 555 960
The highest speed 1600 1350 1200 850
Maximum separation factors 1150 1020 1008 650
The main motor power 30 55 75 90
The weight of the 5500 7000 12000 15000
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