SX-type under the three-column Simple Centrifuge

Usage and characterisitics:
SX-type three-foot-type centrifuge for the manual operation of the next intermittent discharge of filtration-type centrifuge:for containing the thin(solid-phase granule 0.01 mm)granular, crystalline or short suspension of the separation of fibrous materials, and dehydration, widely used in chemical industry. Xuan, the light industry, pharmaceutical,food and other industrial sectors.
In addition to this model has a three foot type on the traditional merits of discharge centrifuge also has the following characteristics:
Using the lower part of discharge.not only 10 reduce the labor Intensity and,11prove the operating conditions.but also to increase productivity.
Under artificial discharge, saving unloading scraper body the solid-phase particles does not allow separation of the damaged materials suited to. Division in contact with the material of stainless steel parts are manufactured according to user requirements can be manufactured using other materials.

Construction working principle:
SX-type centrifuge mainly by the drum, chassis, chassis, machine cover, brake equipment, aircraft seat, clutch and motor so on. Drum through the spindle bearing to the chassis, the spindle is mounted vertically on the bearing, the chassis through the column three feet boom suspension bearing, plinth blocks connected by bolts together with,, the machine. Machines of the motor through the clutch and power; transmission belt. Suspension to be processed in centrifuges have begun to join the drum running at full speed within the rated capacity when the residues stop feeding, under the centrifugal force, suspension in the liquid through the filter cloth (or filter) and the drum wall.,, of the filter Kong knocking chassis, shut down after the workers from the lower part of the drum unloading. If requirements can wash washing liquid during the separation process will be introduced within the washing drum.

Product Drawing :

Machine weight:

Drum diameter
Work capacity
Maximum separation factor
Pack material limited heavy
Motor power
Machine weight
Shape dimension
(dimensions) mm
SX(C)-800 800 90 1200 640 120 7.5 1500 1950×1380×1100
SX(C)-1000 1000 155 1000 560 210 11 2000 2150×1550×1050
SX(C)-1250 1250 280 900 566 350 18.5 4000 2550×1980×1600
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