ZL vertical centrifuge cone blue

Structure and Features:
ZL series centrifuge is a vertical blue cone feeding, filtration separation and discharge automatically at full speed continuous centrifuges. It has the following features:
1.One to deal with large quantities;
2. easy to operate;
3. using variable frequency control, run smooth, low energy consumption;
4. row labor intensity and high efficiency.

Products are mainly used:
ZL series of blue-cone centrifuge for the purpose of solid particles larger than 100 solid-liquid separation of materials. Main application in the food industry of fruit juices, vegetables, tea, separation, the chemical industry in the sodium thiosulfate (soda) separation, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, such as separation, making the distiller's grain industry, throwing Isolation pharmaceutical and other industries in the material dehydration.

Working principle:
The solid-liquid mixture from the upper part of self, moving the input feeder into the separator inside the drum of metal or non-metallic rotating force, the mixture from the drum center to spin out of four sides of the submission to the arc-shaped thrown. Through which the fluid directly into the top of the filter between the inside and outside the drum by the drum outside the mouth at the bottom of fluid flow. Solids fall into the outer casing and inner casing between the pores, and the free-fall to the bottom of the separator, and eventually enter the sets, or silo on a conveyor belt.

Product Drawing :

Machine Technical Parameters:

Drum diameter 800 620 550  
Effective height 450 500 580  
Speed 1000-1200 1200-1400 1400-1700  
Separation factor 580-900
Processing power 6-8 4-6 2-4 Protoplasm
Dry humidity % 80-70
Floater Under 2.0
Vibration frequency times/points 800-1000
Amplitude mm 3-5
Noise DB <78
The main motor 7.5 5.5 4.0  
Vibration motor 0.4 0.4 0.4  
Weight 1500 1300 1000  
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