PG Type flat-panel manual scraper centrifuge

Structure and Features:
PG series centrifuge is a kind of intermittent operation manual filter bottom discharge centrifuge. Machine from the host, and electrical control system for two major components. In the electrical control system used in a more advanced variable frequency controller, control system reliability, low power consumption. PG type bottom discharge centrifuge with ordinary three-column top discharge centrifuge, compared with a high production efficiency, labor intensity is low, smooth operation, operating conditions, is good.
Stand for fiat-panel-type structure, reducing the machine's center of gravity, smaller installation space, while fiat plane seat can be used as operating platform, operate more convenient.
Liquid damping shock absorber configured to more effectively eliminate slow vibration, simplifying routine maintenance, the equipment can achieve the requirements of GMP.
Feeding, preliminary filtration, washing, precise filtration, discharging can be flexibly adiusted according to the status at the materials and separation requirements.
The more loose material can be configured to frequency control, start a smooth, adjustable separation factor.
Relatively sealed and close structure may improve the environment of the production fields.
The scraper rotates, the lifting machinery is locked, so the centrifuge has good reliability, The centrifuge can be allocated with rotational speed testing, over vibration protection, overload and overheat protection device for the motor.
Users may choose allocations for the use of chemical or pharmaceutical purpose, so that the centrifuge can be both technical and economical.

Products are mainly used:
For separation of solid particles containing =0.01mm of the suspension, such as those containing tablets Shape, crystalline solid particles or fibrous solid-liquid separation.
It can be widely used in chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy and other departments.

Product Drawing :

Machine weight:

Drum diameter 800 1000 1250 1600
Drum effective height 400 450 500 800
Drum volume 100 155 310 800
Biggest outfit material limited 140 220 420 1000
Drum speed 1200 1000 950 750
Separation factor 640 560 631 503
Motor power The main motor 7.5 11 22 45
Shape dimension
(dimensions) mm
1950*1280*2000 2200*1700*1920 2400*1900*2350 3000*2200*2830
Machine weight ≈2500 ≈3200 ≈4500 ≈8500
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