Structure and Features:
1. PLC based control with programmable setup. Automatic operation with no operator attention monitors the whole process including feeding, first cycle filtration, cleaning, intensive filtration and discharging.
2. Frequency converter for speed regulation makes startup smooth. Separation factor is adjustable.
3. The motor is mounted on the top and directly connected the machine to avoid dusts generated.
4. Large volume and output, enhance the production efficiency. Dynamic braking without friction will not produce dusts.
5. Leak-proof structure with silicone rubber or fiuoroelastomers seals. It is of anti-explosion with nitrogen protecting the machine inside.
6. Leak-proof structure with silicone rubber or fluoroelastomers seals. It is of anti-explosion with nitrogen protecting the machine inside.
7. Reasonable design of structure with automatic online cleaning system ensures meeting clean requirements in accordance with GMP standards.
8. Air-powered operational system, clean.
9. Electromechanical Level Control.
10. Air-powered auxiliary scraper could completely remove the solids after discharging the solid cake.
11. Safety protection: rotation rate detection, vibration protection, motor overload and overheat protection, dual control with both electrical and mechanical to scrapers and the lifting device, interlocking the scraper and drum.
12. PAUT applies flat structure equipped with liquid damping shock absorber making the operation convenient and stable.

Ordering notes:
Structure: Shell to configure the feed pipe, wash pipe, mirrors, exhaust ports, manholes, lighting Kong: closed structure-the drum and the shell, flip and other components of stainless steel (SUS304) manufacturing. Stand such as welding parts, lining coated stainless steel, drum, shell inside and outside surfaces, the machine parts exposed surfaces polished.
All tightening parts are made of stainless steel.
PLC control is applied.
Transmission and brake: normal motor + inverter + power consumption brake.
Pneumatic operation system.
PAUT applies fiat structure equipped with liquid damping shock absorber.

Product Drawing :

Machine weight:

Drum diameter 1250 1250 1320 1600
Effective volume 350 450 490 880
Biggest outfit material limited 520 650 700 1180
Separation speed 970 970 900 750
Unloaded speed 90 90 90 90
Separation factors 658 658 598 504
The main motor model Y225L-6 Y225M-6 Y225M-6 Y280M-8
The main motor power 22 30 30 45
Centrifuge weight 5500 65000 6800 10000
Shape dimension
(dimensions) mm
2100×2000×2200 2100×2000×2600 2100× 2000×2600 2750×2500×2900
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