What does a nitrogen device do for a centrifuge?

Time: 2020-03-31

Many people do not know why a centrifuge needs a nitrogen device. Today's centrifuge manufacturers talk about the reasons, and I believe that everyone will understand after reading it.

Centrifuges are widely used in many fields and are the main equipment for solid-liquid separation in production processes such as chemical and pharmaceutical. The requirements for nitrogen protection devices also vary.

氮气 The nitrogen protection of centrifuges used in many markets in the market is actually just a nitrogen inlet pipe and a nitrogen outlet pipe on the casing. When the centrifuge is working, the inner cavity is filled with nitrogen and oxygen. Generally, inert gas protection is used. Nitrogen is filled into the centrifuge to replace the air inside, so that the oxygen concentration is maintained within a safe range.

没有 There is no quantitative control on whether the nitrogen concentration in the centrifuge can reach a safe range, so the reliability of its nitrogen protection is very poor. An improved nitrogen protection system is provided with an on-line oxygen detection device and a pressure transmission sensor to detect the oxygen concentration in the centrifuge cavity during operation and implement quantitative control to control its oxygen content within a safe range (also That is to ensure that the oxygen concentration in the machine is outside the explosion of flammable and explosive media.

The occurrence of safety accidents is serious due to the damage caused by the explosion of the centrifuge. The use of nitrogen protection devices will reduce the damage in this regard.

的 The three elements that produce an explosion are temperature, ignition source, and oxygen. The simultaneous existence of the three basic premises to prevent chemical explosions is the basic theory of preventing chemical explosions of combustible substances.

(1) Oxygen is generally protected by an inert gas. The nitrogen inside the centrifuge is replaced by air to maintain the oxygen concentration within a safe range.

Now buyers purchase centrifuges, in order to prevent safety accidents, pressure protection element departments are required, which require long-term use of nitrogen protection, and pressure monitoring can be performed.

(2) For fire source, when designing the centrifuge, apply enough safety empty rotor pump room for moving parts to eliminate possible mechanical friction and impact. At the same time, the machine needs measures to eliminate static electricity. For braking devices, mechanical friction braking devices must not be used, and generally use electrical energy braking (non-contact braking, the disadvantage is that the braking time is longer than the contact type, especially when rolling at full load) This is even more the case for larger inertia).

In addition, for transmission belts, anti-static belts are used to eliminate or reduce the possibility of static electricity.

(3) Temperature, for a specific medium, whether it is liquid phase or gas phase, the working temperature of the centrifuge should be considered when designing the process, which mainly depends on the process premise, and will not be analyzed here;

The reason why the centrifuge needs a nitrogen device is introduced here today, I hope to help everyone, for more information, please pay attention to the centrifuge manufacturer.


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