New and old customers and friends:

How are you! Realize the value of customer is always the starting point and goal of Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang City's development and growth, can not do without your support and help, in this, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and highest respect for the same time, look forward to your continuing right to give our love and support. Here, I sincerely say: Thank you!

We know that: continuously meet the customer needs is our never-ending quest to help customers achieve success will ultimately be to our success. We will always adhere to: "quality first, users first" business principles, produce more customer satisfaction products.

A new starting point, a new journey, new challenges. A glorious past, will continue to encourage us to courageously advance; brilliant future, will continue to inspire us to develop innovation. Who will be tireless Yongda spirited attitude and new outlook, seize opportunities, meet challenges and accelerate the development!


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GK series horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifugeGKF series clean horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifugeGKC series wall-mounted clean aseptic scraper unloading automatic centrifugeGKH series siphon horizontal scraper unloading automatic centrifugeHR series horizontal double-stage piston pusher automatic centrifuge

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